Earn up to 40% recurring revenue for everyone referred to us, monetize your platform with one of the highest ratest providers in the market.

Step 1

Refer your friends, community members and followers to Wyvern using your own personalised URL.

Step 2

Earn up to 40% of the revenue generated by your referal, on a recurring basis.

Step 3

Get paid every month to your PayPal account, bank account or as Wyvern credit.

*Revenue must be made up of at least 5 unique clients.

Commission and Revenue
Revenue Commission
$0 — $499 15% Commission
$500 — $999* 20% Commission
$1000 — $4999* 25% Commission
$4999+* 30% Commission

Why be an Affiliate?

What makes the Wyvern affiliate scheme better than everyone elses

Generous Shares

Start earning 15% without any minimum sales. Get paid after earning just $20.

Cash Payout

We can payout directly to your PayPal or bank account. Not just Wyvern credit.

Streamer Friendly

Our control panel has some great features for creators to advertise our services.

24/7 Assistance

If you need any help running your affiliate account, from billing to branding, our team are available to help on a 24/7 basis.

Trusted by All

We are trusted by tens of thousands of gamers and we are a fully registered company in the UK. You can even visit our offices!

Quality Guarantee

We currently use some of the best hardware on the market so customers never think twice before purchasing our services.

Content Creators

We can provide jumps to higher commission tiers, game servers and other services for content creators and influencers with a large following (+4,000 followers).

Currently we only support Twitch, Youtube and Steam Workshop creators. However, if you have something you think would be a good match, please still get in touch.

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